Wholesome foods with minimal processing.

We whittled down our selection to the highest quality, best tasting products so you don’t have to. We are working hard to make Filo the most ‘worry-free’ place to shop.

Our Values


We are devoted to nutrient rich soil and that means healthy food for you and the planet. If there is a season in which strawberries cannot be grown to our stringent standards we won’t stock them at all.

Local when possible

We like to source from smaller local producers because that is where we find many of our highest quality products. We love local because it supports our communities, lowers our carbon footprint, and gives you the freshest product.


Genetically modified seeds have questionable effects on our ecosystems and health. Out of precaution, Filo does not stock GMO products.


We strive to have the most transparent supply-chain in the industry. And that's what keeps us accountable for fostering environmental stewardship for every one of our suppliers.


What’s healthy for one person may be suboptimal for someone else. Your lifestyle needs its own ingredients, so we’ve labeled our products with information on diet type, food sensitivities, and more.


We do things differently.
Think flour milled in-store from intact heirloom grains
and yogurts without crazy amounts of sugar.