Our Story

{Filo} meaning: the leaf

David and Russell (two of five Conway brothers) founded Filo Market. David is an evangelist for the planet, and Russell is a designer with an appetite for social change. Irritated by a lack of healthy food without wasteful packaging, the idea for Filo was born. We are the first low-waste, plastic-free grocery store designed for scale. Filo has its eyes set on reversing the plastic pollution crisis as trash turns out to be mostly food packaging.

Grocery Stores are Falling Behind

Grocery stores haven’t changed in decades. Their problems include long checkout lines, grossly oversized stores, and too many options. The biggest problem of all is their fixation on excessive packaging. This packaging is costly in materials, shipping, and the environment. Filo is addressing this by rethinking how to deliver food without wasteful packaging, especially plastic packaging.